Tangiene MartinOhara is an artist and illustrator whose practice focuses on portrait and abstract drawing. These two trajectories are linked by intuitive gestures and a play of vibrant colour. Using her friends’ photographs and socialmedia posts as source material for her drawings, MartinOhara seeks to expressa deeper connection with and consideration for her subject matter that countersthe ubiquity and disposability of the original snapshot. Given that the originalphotographs are freely shared with her or online, the portraits celebrate theagency with which people in her life present themselves, as well as the image ofthemselves that they are comfortable with. She also produces abstract work withsimilar consideration for the use of colour. She explores the therapeutic aspectsof colour and tone to create a meditative space in our lived experience.

MartinOhara earned a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2007. She is currently based in Vancouver, BC.

-Vicky Wong